Open Images

2008 - 2010

Open Images is an initiative of the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision in collaboration with Knowledgeland. Open Images is an open media platform that provides access to a selection of archive material for creative reuse. Footage from these audiovisual collections can be remixed into new works. Subsequently, users of Open Images have the opportunity to add their new material to the platform, thus expanding the archive.

The access to the material on Open Images is based on the Creative Commons licensing model. Creative Commons offers authors, artists, scientists and teachers the freedom to manage their copyrights flexibly and make their works available for others in the way they choose. That way, only the rights of choice are reserved – and not all, as is the case with the traditional copyright.

This “open” nature is also extended to the technique of the platform by adapting open formats, standards and open software components. Furthermore, all software that is developed as a result from Open Images will be released under an open source license.

Besides remixing archive materials, Open Images offers the possibility to interlink with other data sources. Within the Open Images project dozens of Polygoon items (a historical Dutch news program) have been added to entries of Dutch Wikipedia. An example is the entry about Almere (the seventh largest city of the Netherlands) in which the description of the city’s history is exemplified with an audiovisual illustration about its first inhabitants. In cooperation with Wikimedia Netherlands it is now being investigated how Open Images, following this experiment, can make an audiovisual contribution to Wikipedia on a structural basis.

Open Images contains over 200 Polygoon items from the Sound and Vision archives. The collection of reusable material will grow extensively during the coming years, because new works will be uploaded weekly. Everybody is more than welcome to add material to the platform; think about collection managing institutes and producers, but also creatives who have made new footage based on Open Images material. Open Images has been developed as part of Images for the Future, which enables large-scale digitisation and disclosure of audivisual heritage.


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