The challenges of today’s society demand new ways of innovation. These issues blend together, reinforce each other, are in a state of flux, are complex and unique. Tackling them requires knowledge of the people who are directly affected: we are convinced that getting these people involved is the only way to achieve sustainable innovation. The trick is to mobilise and utilise all this knowledge. This demands a socially innovative approach that offers scope for both bottom-up and top-down initiatives, that facilitates collaboration between different parties and that anticipates tomorrow’s world. Smarter use of labour, organisation and technology is a vital factor for this.

Our mission is to make our society smarter. We define smart as the ability to learn and to continue to innovate at a personal level. Learning occurs primarily in interaction with others. So a smart society is a society where people work together. A society in which maximum use is made of the inherent knowledge, talents, experiences and intuitions present at every level and in every field: a knowledge society. Read more


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